Lucky Peach Issue 14 Spring 2015: A Quarterly Journal of Food and Writing: Obsession

Lucky Peach
Lucky Peach
Boulangerie, Cuisine, Pâtisserie
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The Lucky Peach Atlas
– The city of lights done right, according to baking legend

Science team 3000
– The (whole-grain, freshly milled) seeds of change

The dirty dish club
– Caballos con carne

Cooks and chefs corner
– Tatiana levha in conversation

Fantastic Mr. Fox
– Jeremy Fox was one of the brightest lights in a generation of chefs. Then he went dark

Chocolate-covered History
– The world’s largest candy company is making funky-tasting chocolate for history buffs

Profiles in Obsession
– Farmer in the dark NYC’s pieea oddballs. The sake sommelier. Texas’s BBQ guru. Mole people. The chip’s champion.

Bocuse d’Ork

Notes from a grain junkie
– Childhood memories and world travels converge in one lifelong obsession

That oven feelin’
– A baker’s relentless, two-decade search for just the right equipment…

Pizza gut
– … and how he’ll use it to bake a tasty, stomach-friendly pizza

McCaviar dreams and McChampagne wishes
– Swept up in fast-food sweepstakes

Square meals
– An art portfolio

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to dine
– A close reading of 007’s many meals

Pork life
– Realizing the moments that shaped your identity all involve eating pig

The middle box
– A hunting tradition perseveres in the face of unrelenting failure

Take me to the valley
– West Virginia’s love affair with ranch dressing

Three dishes
– Gnocchi

The route
– A short story